About Matt

I bring teams and organizations together to focus on one thing: Delivering value to their customers.

Relying on a decade-plus of management and agile leadership experience, I coach Scrum Masters, Team Members and managers through organizational transformation. I help organizations focus on cross-department alignment in a way that results in heightened employee happiness, increased levels of engagement, and a more rapid ROI for the business.

I’ve worked across organizations, having overseen turnarounds at the department, team and individual levels. In my wake, you will find happier employees, higher performing teams and more effective managers. I love hearing about how companies are adapting to their current challenges, and I’m always available to chat about agile.

I’m based in Toronto, Canada, and if it matters to you, I’m a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional and I hold a PSM II designation from scrum.org. I’ve been certified by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as a Safe Agilist, 4.0 and I also hold a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Toronto.
I’ve learned a surprising amount about agility and collaboration through working as a musician.