Quality without QA – Keeping the bar high

In 2016, I had the pleasure of coaching at a leading event tech company, EventMobi. Their event app is #1 in the world, having reached over 8 million attendees from 72 countries.

Aside from being wonderful people, the Product Development group was probably one of the most lean & efficient operations I’ve ever been a part of. As a bootstrapped start up, this was not only by design – it was essential to the company’s survival.

As a part of this lean ethos, we set up the teams in such a way that they were truly cross-functional. Teams own their code from concept to consumption. An interesting challenge was that we operated without a QA department, and without ANY dedicated QA people on the teams. That’s right. No QA. Remember, this a product being used by 8.5 million people!

I wrote in detail about how and why we did this on the EventMobi Medium blog, here (https://medium.com/eventmobi/quality-without-qa-how-eventmobi-keeps-the-bar-high-81a6446e6dae#.jgi8akcwh)