People do incredible things when they are empowered to apply their talents with dignity.

That’s the superpower that is unlocked by professional agility. Or at least it should be.

And yet we often approach complex problems as though they were simple ones.

We optimize for velocity. Or worse, we focus on “utilization.”

And then we complain that our projects are behind schedule and the quality stinks.

When I started this company, I had a single goal in mind:

Empower people to apply their talents with dignity.

I believe that teams can do incredible things when they are able to work in a way that recognizes that they are human.

How Do You Do That?

I train & coach Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Delivery Mangers and Teams on tools like Scrum and Kanban, so that they can take responsibility over their own processes – enabling them to best apply the talents that make them who they are!

I help Product & Delivery Leaders visualize their portfolios though Value Stream Mapping and Portfolio Level Kanban, so that they can make sense of where everything is – and what might be coming.

And, I support Leaders and Executives in their quest to measure and improve their organizations by relying on modern Lean Change Management and Employee Engagement techniques.

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